When a decision is no decision at all

Tonight I am feeling the full weight of my decision to ‘go barefoot’. After treading the dirt roads that are the fading veins of my little village here in Eastern Finland, I took some time away from North Karelia to visit my friend’s farm near Sotkamo. Much like my little corner of the world the area is beautiful; big skies, spruce and birch in every direction but with the added attraction of some unique rolling hills.
I have been coming here every other weekend now for the better part of a year and right now we are keeping out of trouble by, and this is not something decided on a whim or as a result of an idea floated over a few beers, building a bakery.
The work is fun and we are kept fueled by home made, organic, Karelian Pies (I advise a trip to Google here) as well as assorted Finnish buns and sweet cakes. The only down side is the need to stay on my feet, constantly. Normally it isn’t something that I think about but after hitting the road for an easy 10K today I am really walking on broken glass. Each step a not so gentle reminder that barefoot conversion are not easy, but probably worth it and I do not regret the decision. The runs here are free and easy with steady declines and inclines accompanied by the rush of a rolling river nearby. Hard to say no, no matter the state of personal decline.
Which brings me to another decision, I came across the below flyer while killing time in the Joensuu City Library.
For months I have been toying with the idea of stepping up to Ultra-Marathons but didn’t feel ready to trek along to the upcoming events in Oulu. Procrastination being the word of the year but despite my best attempts to be my worst self it seems my hand has been forced. The universe is bringing the challenge to my doorstep and daring me to turn away. So the question is not shall I take part; the question is really how far shall I run?

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