Ei paha

The weather in Finland right now is, well, un-seasonal to say the least. Or so the natives tell me. Light streams through the curtains from 4 am onward but is frequently interrupted by foreboding clouds and sudden snow fall. So much so that you could be forgiven for forgetting that it’s actually May or that perhaps that you have wandered onto the pages of A Song of Ice and Fire and are pounding the dirt roads of the Land of Always Winter beyond The Wall. For the record I should add that I do, in fact, ‘know nothing!’
This said, I am not likely to let a little cold weather get in the way of a good run and with my sights now firmly set on ‘going ultra’ in July, I can hardly afford to let mother nature dictate my training schedule.
So my wife and I decided to get out and enjoy the fresh air and schizophrenic weather together. An easy 10K to bring my training total this week to 70K accompanied by cawing gulls and the hammering of woodpeckers. Not bad, or as the local white walkers put it, ei paha.

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