Break? Not so fast!

So for the last few days I have been taking it easy (perhaps a little too easy) with my running. Just the odd 10 K here or there. This isn’t to say I haven’t been using up my energies on something productive however, I just thought I’d give my joints a short break.
In addition to the extra sleep I have been indulging in I have also carried a dying adult sheep in my arms, for what seemed like eternity, to an area of fresh, green grass ( a luxury in Sotkamo at the moment – Winter has not fully abated) in the hope of reviving the flagging animal. No such luck. I have been cleaning out cow beds in the navetta, surrounded by a lake of egesta as melting snow and ice had seeped into the barn to mix with the ‘leavings’ of oh so many good, Finnish cows. I have pitched hay into sheep pens and onto feeding tables and had a good many laughs playing fetch with over-excited border collies. Not a bad way to ‘rest up’ a little I think.
That said, the weather has finally turned and the daylight is long and inviting. Even as I sit writing at 10:30 pm the sun has not yet set and light will endure a few hours more.
So, even though I will rise early tomorrow to get some kilometers under my belt, I am going to enjoy these last few minutes of down time before a hard running week commences.

It’s nice they made a pillow with my face on it.

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