Why Run…?

Today I notched up another easy 20K on the road from the farm to the junction for Sotkamo. Surrounded by trees, rolling hills and a vast expanse of blue sky it is easy to see why Finland is something of a runner’s paradise, save for the cold north wind reminding me that though I may be done with Winter, she is not yet done with me.
My feet are a little sore, my legs a bit less responsive, not so quick or nimble: this is fatigue. Not the fatigue of a 9-5 sit/type/coffee/repeat structure that just over a year ago I would have called ‘life’, but a more satisfying ‘holy crap I’ve already covered 70K this week and I’m still going’ kind. I’m pushing myself physically and mentally much harder than I have ever before and yet there is a weightlessness to it. A freedom. You make a decision, you follow through. It helps if you actually like the task that you take in hand.
People watch and question because the decision to run 100K is not something most people consider, most usually do not consider running just 10K, and the question is always couched in apologetic and slightly incredulous tones and phrases, but essentially boils down to: Why do you do it? Why do you run?
It’s a good question but one that doesn’t draw an answer to mind quickly, at least, not one that I can articulate to someone who would ask that question; someone who doesn’t run. I can say it’s for piece of mind, to be outside in nature, for exercise and to stay fit. All of which would probably be true and yet those are just sums of a much larger part. The truth is, when someone asks me why do I run the real answer is simple – why not?

Some of the aforementioned nature on the road to Sotkamo

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