Back On Track

Today was the first day back covering the dirt roads of Liperi in my quest to become Ultra. It has been a pretty hectic week between overseeing the chaos of the organic farm in Sotkamo (and all the porcine adventures that went with) as well as the return home followed by a long cross country drive.
Despite the sun drenched scenery of crystal clear lakes, rolling hills and verdant forests, a lot of travelling, namely sitting, for long hours can really take a toll on the body, not to mention the mind. After several hours behind the wheel and despite requisite coffee pit stops – or as I like to call them ‘Adult Energy Drinks’ – I was exhausted. That’s why it was so important to get back out there but luckily for motivation I was joined by my friend Antoine.
Together we took in an easy 10K to shake off the rust and amid meandering, dirt packed roads our wandering conversation took in such topics as the princely nature of Irish sports fans, the dysmorphia inherent in professional bodybuilding, the penchant of the French toward Judo and our mutual appreciation of the movies of Wes Anderson.
Needless to say the kilometers disappeared under foot and before we knew it we had been out enjoying the rain kissed summer air for an hour.
I spend so much of my time running by myself that I had forgotten the joy of having a running partner. Must do it again soon.

The Boys
Post run smiles with ‘The Frenchman’

Now’s as good a time as any to mention my crowdfunding page to help me achieve my goal of ‘Going Ultra’.
As many of you know an Ultramarathon is any footrace longer than the traditional marathon length of 42.195 kilometres (26.219 mi) and for my first (that’s right, first) I have chosen the SUOMI-JUOKSU 60km in Joensuu, Finland on 8th July.
My main goal is simple – Finish. To be able to reach this goal however I need your support. I’m asking for your help to raise money towards competition fees, equipment and nutrition.
By contributing you will help me reach my goals but also take part in the journey as I try to prove that anyone can run any distance – if they set their mind to it.
My journey of being a runner has taught me so much about myself, such as my strengths and weaknesses, and how hard I can push myself physically and mentally, but also the importance of having a team and supporters behind me, ready with encouragement, water bottles and the determination to not let me quit.
So if you’d like to contribute please click this link here.
I hope to have you on my team in July.



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