Never too early to beef up that Obituary or how Crowdfunding is enabling my running addiction.

I just wanted to write a short post about Crowdfunding, or to be precise, my first experience with crowdfunding.

I am now just 3 days out from my very first Ultramarathon and as part of my preparation, aside from the hours and hours spent on the roads and trails nearby, I decided to set up a crowdfunding page to help cover the costs of fees and nutrition. As many of you know Marathon and Ultramarathon  events are not cheap to enter and equipment etc. can get pricey.

I Googled, as one does, a number of different websites offering crowdfunding sources and settled on as it is tailored to athletes specifically (and was p*ss easy to use). Full disclosure here, I didn’t really expect to get any contributions let alone hit my stated target of 300 euro and I may not have dedicated as much time to the page set up as it probably warranted.

I added the necessary pics of me in full battle regalia charging down some bleak North Karelian roads, tied the account to a hastily set-up Paypal account and added a bio and motivation blurb that I shocked myself with by being more candid than I usually am. I linked to both Facebook and Twitter and posted.

Things started slow, as they often do, and I quietly resigned myself to what I assumed would be a failed experiment. However, before long friends were asking for details about my running adventure and my blog posts were getting good feedback and a trickle of contributions began to come in. I was overjoyed by these small acts of kindness but did not expect the sudden flood that greeted me this week. In less than seven days I have gone from just enough donations to cover the entrance fees to the near full amount (or as MAKE A CHAMP reliable tells me 87% of target). The encouraging messages from family and friends has been amazing and the donations genuinely heartwarming.

So this post is mainly to thank everyone who has donated and to encourage others to start Crowdfunding for that special little project you want to get off of the ground. It really is quite simple and you might just be surprised by the kindness of friends and family.

If anyone still wants to contribute please visit


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