How to Relax at the End of the Day or How I Always End Up Running

Everyone needs to do something to unwind, something to relax, at the end of a long, hard day. For some it’s yoga. For others it’s binge watching Netflix. For me, it’s 20 kilometres along a dark, rain-slicked road in North Karelia.

Now I can usually convince myself that, come the end of the day, I deserve to put my feet up. I deserve that glass of wine, that hot meal and those back to back episodes of AMC’s Preacher (some damn fine television). And why not? I’m usually up at 5am and knee deep in dirt by 7:30, laying electrical cables in nearby Viinijärvi.

So what stops me? That little voice that nags from the back of the mind. The dull, unyielding drumbeat of the beckoning road. The unforgiving cold and rain and the rewards gained for venturing out and trying to outrun the downpour home.

So, im left with a choice, sit back, unplug and try to relax, try to tune out the calling road or, lace up and head out. It’s really no contest.


One thought on “How to Relax at the End of the Day or How I Always End Up Running

  1. Marina says:

    It’s really quite inspiring to see how you develop as a runner. Nature up there makes it quite nice to be out and about as well. I always think about that when I am out cross-country skiing, how it’s a luxury to work out in the nature.


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